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Who is Patrick Murray?   Have you seen the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio entitled, Catch Me if You Can? If you have, that is basically me. At least it used to be. Yes, I did a number of things prior to real estate, however; none of it fraudulently, unlike the character in the movie. I worked in funeral service. I was a chauffeur with a limousine service. I was a flight attendant. I was a Registered Dental Hygienist for 10 years, I might add. And now I am a licensed Real Estate Associate and have been for 8+ years now. In fact, one might say my wife is getting nervous that I am ready to make a career change (insert opened mouth smiley face emoji with eyes clinched shut, here). It’s not going to happen. I truly feel that I have found my calling in real estate. Helping people to reach their goals is a type of personal gratification that I can’t seem to get enough of, thanks to the industry.   Do I miss the occupations I used to do? I miss certain parts of each job. I would have to say that real estate is much more difficult! I do value the experiences I learned from each one of my past lines of work, though. In funeral service, I learned to assist people in their most trying of times, dealing with the death of a loved one. I learned compassion. In the limousine industry, I learned to help provide people with a fun experience and I learned about being punctual. In the airline industry, I learned to think quickly on my feet, dealing with large groups of people, and many of them experiencing a range of emotions from happiness, to being frightened, to being angry from delays. You get the picture. In dentistry, I learned about trust. I learned how to help people who were afraid or unsure, to move forward to receive the best treatment possible by listening to them, letting them speak, and communicating effectively with them to create positive outcomes. Each occupation prepared me for being the best I can be for my clients in my real estate career, making me a better individual, and I am thankful for those experiences.   A friend and business coach of mine says that every position in every company is a sales position. This may be true, but I believe that every position in every company is a customer service position, and this is how I try to run my business. I believe that any one of the Real Estate Associates in Calgary can help you to buy or sell a home, but I also believe that you need to find the person who is the right fit for you! You need to find somebody who is a good communicator and somebody you like because you will be communicating with this person often. I also know that, because real estate is such a large investment, it is an experience that you will always remember. My goal is to make it as enjoyable and seamless as possible, while getting the job done with skill and having your full confidence. I want to create raving, screaming fans of my clients. At the end of the day, I am thankful that I get to assist people in reaching their real estate goals. I am also fortunate that I can call my clients, friends. It must rub off on my son as, when he was in pre-school, he said to me, “Dad, you know Kyle from my class? He’s not just a client, he’s a friend!” I had a good chuckle, but I also felt pride that I must live this principle if he gets it!   On a personal level, I am a husband to my amazing wife, Colette. I have the privilege of having two little human beings in my life that call me, Dad! My son, Declan (7), and daughter, Lyric (3.5), teach me lessons every day and I am forever thankful. I am the seventh of seven children and the youngest by far. I’m originally from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and after school I lived in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Regina, and I am proud to call Calgary my home since 2001. I live in the inner city of Calgary and I assist clients throughout the city as well as Chestermere, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Cochrane. I am happy to say that my business comes from referrals. I think this means my clients like me (insert another opened mouth smiley face emoji with eyes clinched shut)! I enjoy spending time with my family, travel, lifting weights, boxing, biking, reading, and I love good movies (thank goodness for Netflix!). I am a student and teacher of personal development and have authored a book on the topic. To me, real estate is not a job, it is a passion and I love the privilege of being able to connect with people and families one on one.   I do hope I get the honour of being of service to you!