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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Update Your Lighting

Lighting can play a huge part in setting the ambiance within your home.  This is especially true when you are selling. 

Take a look at the light fixtures in your home.  Are they dated?  Do they… Continue reading

Are the Walls in Your Home Distracting?

You've got a terrific home to sell!  The exterior is beautiful.  The yard is landscaped.  You have 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths with a terrific kitchen.  What about the walls?  You likely have had… Continue reading

The Real Reason for Open Houses

When Realtors list a home sometimes the home owner will request an open house.  Some home owners want an open house every weekend.  That's fine.  I'm happy to do that for my clients.  The question is… Continue reading

How Sharp Is Your Realtor?

How sharp is your Realtor?  Does he or she seem truly interested in your needs?  Does your Realtor admit when they don't know a piece of information?  Do they do research to find out the answer… Continue reading