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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Real Property Report

You may have heard the term RPR or Real Property Report.  What the heck is an RPR and why do you need it?

An RPR is a survey conducted by a survey company of the land and buildings where… Continue reading

What Does a Realtor Do For You?

You're selling your home.  What does a Realtor do for you?  Thanks for asking!

You need only to read last week's blog on Selling Your Own Home to understand some of the value that a Realtor provides in… Continue reading

Sell Your Own Home!

Interested in selling your own home?  Why not?  What can go wrong?  Why pay real estate fees?  Think of all the money you're going to save!  Hmmm.... if you have to ask what can go… Continue reading

CMA’s and Pricing Your Home Appropriately

A Comparative Market Evaluation (CMA) is a report that a Realtor puts together to discover what a home might sell for in the current real estate market by comparing recent, comparable, sold listings in a given area. … Continue reading

Appeal to 90% of the Population 90% of the Time!

Recently I was sitting down with a client in order to provide her with a home evaluation.  There happened to be a new home going up next door with some beautiful finishings!  Some of the finishings were quite… Continue reading