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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Purpose of a Home Inspection

A home inspection is an integral part of your due diligence as a buyer.  I strongly recommend to all of my clients that they put in a home inspection as a condition of a sale.  If they refuse… Continue reading

Dower Consent and Real Estate

Dower Consent.  Sounds like something from the dark ages, but in the Province of Alberta it is an important document relating to the Dower Consent Act and has to do with another party foregoing their right to a property… Continue reading

What is a Title?

What is a Title?  In the Province of Alberta a title is a document kept at the Alberta Land Titles department.  It stipulates the party or parties that own a specific property and therefore have… Continue reading

Pre-Home Inspections

Most of the time a purchaser will require a home inspection of your property as a condition of the purchase contract to make sure there are no major issues with the home.  Have you ever heard of a pre-home… Continue reading