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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Power of Attorney

If you own a home you should be familiar with the phrase:  Power of Attorney.  This is a legal document that allows an owner of assets, such as a home owner, to assign an individual the ability to… Continue reading

Do You Replace Your Roof with a High Grade, Long Life Material?

If you are a long time home owner the chances are that you have had to replace your roof at sometime or another.  It can sometimes be challenging to decide what type of roofing to use.  Is is… Continue reading

How Is Your Home Security System?

I believe that everybody with a house should have a home security system.  They provide peace of mind, deter thieves, and give you a break on your home insurance.  If you've had your system for awhile, it may… Continue reading

Use Caution When Hiring a Contractor or Home Designer

It's not always easy to spot the most competent and professional contractors and designers on first impressions.  You should always follow a strict game plan when inviting someone into your home to provide a service. 

Ask a trusted… Continue reading

Do You Really Need To Be Pre-Approved For a Mortgage?

You have likely heard that you should be pre-approved for a mortgage prior to going to look at homes.  Is that really necessary?  Well, if you are flush with cash and have a great credit score you may… Continue reading