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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Costs To Consider When Moving

Often times, especially when dealing with first time home buyers, people will ask me what other expenses they need to consider when buying a home.  Here are some important items to consider:

- How much will it cost… Continue reading

Words Can Help Sell Your Home

Attracting people to your home so they will view and hopefully buy it is all about marketing.  This includes the language in the write up, on marketing materials, and used on the internet when speaking about your… Continue reading

Miracle Grasses

We've all seen the commercials on television about the so called miracle grasses that will grow in any soil and in any conditions.  My grass needs a pick me up every year.  These formulas sound so tempting. … Continue reading

The Emotions of Selling and Moving

You want to sell your home.  You're trying to look at it as strictly a business transaction.  Your home is a product and you want to be able to sell it quickly and for the best price possible.… Continue reading