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Home Insurance 101

If you’re purchasing a home, then you’ll probably have learned there’s more than the mortgage to budget for. Besides taxes and repairs, you’re also going to have to leave room for home insurance. This is because your financial institute is… Continue reading

Easing Home Buying Anxiety

Canadians are no strangers to stress. On the contrary, often studies argue that we work too much and relax too little. And unfortunately, when it comes time to buy their first house, many Canadian home buyers spend this exciting step… Continue reading

Home Buyer Wishlist: Renovations that Increase the Value of your Home!

When it’s time to sell, it’s a good idea to take a good hard look at your home and see what work needs to be done before you list the house. With the right renos, you won’t only increase the… Continue reading

Three Questions you Should ask BEFORE you Buy the House

Buying a home is a huge decision. I can’t even begin to describe how many questions you should be asking before purchasing a house. It’d be impossible to go through them all, and that’s exactly why you should be working… Continue reading

How to Start Your Rental Property Search

Are you ready to become a landlord? Owning rental properties is an excellent investment opportunity, but it takes a lot of work and comes with its fair share of risks and annoyances. Bad tenants can leave you with thousands of… Continue reading

What You Should Know About Foreclosure Houses

If you’re on the market for an affordable buy, than the foreclosure market may be a good place to start. These houses are often sold at a loss by lenders who just want to be rid of the property. But… Continue reading

Three Tips to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

Many young Calgarians are exceptionally lucky people. They get to grow up in great neighbourhoods and live in lovely homes. After all that luxury, it can be hard to move out when it’s time to go to postsecondary or you… Continue reading

Signs that it’s Time to Move From Being a Renter to a Homeowner

Almost all young Canadian will go through a stage of renting. Fresh out of graduating from high school (or postsecondary), it’s nearly impossible for the average young Canadian to afford to buy their first home. They’ll either need to spend… Continue reading

Signs that it’s Time to move from Being a Renter to a Homeowner

For a long time, most Canadians followed a fairly similar route from childhood to adulthood. They were born, went to school, graduated, headed off to post-secondary or otherwise acquired job-training, found a job, got married, and bought a home. However,… Continue reading

Three Tips to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

There’s nothing like coming home to your dream home. The luxury home business is a very exciting field to work in because you are able to unite families with their perfect home. However, not everyone can afford a luxury house.… Continue reading
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