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Buyers, Trust Yourselves!

Recently I was out with some first time home buyers looking at homes. We've likely looked at about 15 homes to date. They have a price point in mind and some areas for which they would like to live. We've found a couple of great homes that meet their criteria and they seem excited about them until they start talking to their sphere of influence.

The point I'm making is that everybody has an opinion! Who knows best, the arm-chair know it all or that buyer that is actually viewing homes within their price range? The point is that buyers in conjunction with the expertise of their Realtor become educated about the market as they view homes. Sure, Mr. Arm-Chair know it all has bought and sold a few houses, but how many this year and in this price point.

Trust yourselves as buyers. Trust the education you are receiving. Ask questions of your Realtor and use the great resources and knowledge that your Realtor provides. If after seeing a few homes you see value, then there is likely value present! You as a buyer will know best!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray