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3 Home Selling Tips

There are lots of tips for selling your home, but here are three more that you may have missed. 

First, make a list of what you will miss.  Are there things about the surrounding neighborhood that you love?  Maybe there is a terrific play park for your children nearby or perhaps your street is shaded by a beautiful canopy of trees.  How about your home?  Perhaps you love the open concept modern kitchen or maybe the size of the bedrooms.  Chances are that the things you love about your home and neighborhood will also be applicable to buyers.

Secondly, what are the improvements you have made to your home?  Perhaps you renovated the bathrooms, refinished the hardwood, replaced the furnace or roof.  Document the improvements you have made to your home over the last ten years.  These are selling features that will interest your buyers.

Thirdly, clean your gutters.  When buyers view your home on a rainy day, they don't want to see water overflowing the gutters because it can't get to the downspouts.  Leaving anything undone can lead buyers to think that you may not take very good care of your home.  Don't let them have any negative thoughts about your home especially immediately after arriving.

Thanks for reading! 

By Patrick Murray 

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  • oscar kuehl says:

    I want to sell my old home which stay at well developed area so i hope that your tips will helpful for me for my home selling deal. I think hiring a real estate agent is also a one better option for home selling according to me.

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