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A Buyer for Your Home?

Recently I was competing for a listing, but was told that the couple was going with another Realtor because he had said he had a buyer for their home. They immediately listed with this Realtor, and a little high in my opinion. I asked the homeowner what the buyer thought of their home. He said his Realtor told him the buyer was looking for something different and that this buyer never viewed the home.

I'm not upset that I didn't get the listing. I'm upset with the way the other agent got the listing. Sadly, the above is a very old tactic used by some Realtors and I don't agree with it. You say you have a buyer in order to get the listing and never produce said buyer. In my opinion this is sneaky and underhanded.

My point is this: if a Realtor says he or she has a buyer for your home, make sure they actually produce that buyer and bring them through your home! My duty is to serve and protect my clients. Tricks are not a good way to start a relationship!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray