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A Relationship with a Realtor

Do you have a relationship with a Realtor in your city?  I don't mean have you simply bought or sold your home with a Realtor.  That's important especially if you are pleased and will use this person in the future, but do you stay in touch with a Realtor?

Having an ongoing relationship with a Realtor can be very beneficial to you.  Firstly, a good Realtor can keep you abreast as to what is going on in the real estate market in your neighborhood.  I have clients in which I report data to weekly.  Secondly, a good Realtor is extremely connected.  Should you need a reliable professional service, ask your Realtor.  This person will not steer you wrong.  After all, they do want your future business and will not recommend someone that is not qualified.  Due to their connections, a good Realtor may also know of good investment opportunities, and not just real estate.  I meet with other business professionals on a weekly basis and am always seeking out excellent service providers and opportunities in which to service my clients.

A relationship involves trust.  Refer your friends and family because of the terrific service and friendship this relationship provides.  

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray