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Are the Walls in Your Home Distracting?

You've got a terrific home to sell!  The exterior is beautiful.  The yard is landscaped.  You have 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths with a terrific kitchen.  What about the walls?  You likely have had pictures, mirrors, etc hanging on your walls.  Your kids have likely run into them more times than you can count.  Are the walls in your home in poor condition?

Imagine you're selling your car.  It has low mileage and you've never had any mechanical problems, but the body is rusting and has a few dents.  You're not getting any offers.  What's wrong?  People can't see by the body of your car to appreciate all of it's positive points.  You need to patch and repair the body.

It's the same with a house.  Your walls likely have a few areas that need repair and patching.  It might be time to freshen up the paint to a color that is pleasing to 90% of the buyers most of the time.  Put your wants out of the picture.  You're selling.  Make your walls beautiful so people aren't distracted by them.  Let them appreciate your home in it's entirety!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray