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Backyards for Your Luxury Home

You may have read my blog the other week discussing the advantages of luxury lofts. One of the best things about a luxury loft was having a luxurious retreat in an urban city centre. However, lofts and deep inner city living isn’t for everyone. Many luxury homeowners have kids or grandkids. Others enjoy the extra space or gardening. Whatever your reason, some feel that a luxury home is just not complete without a backyard to match. Not sure how to make your backyard feel like an outdoor oasis? Here are a few ideas!


Custom Pools

Calgary summers are hot, but public pools are loud, dirty, and crowded. A custom pool provides a beautiful place to keep cool without having to face traffic or deal with busy change spaces. These luxury pools often have waterfalls and other fixtures; even when not in use, they provide the relaxing sound of moving water and are attractive additions to any property.

Outdoor Living Space

A must of luxury backyards, outdoor living spaces often include seating areas and gourmet kitchens centered around state of the art barbecues. Comfort and convenience are key when creating any outdoor living space so remember to take care when purchasing furniture and to supply plenty of counter space and outlets. A covered area with lots of room to get out of the rain or sun is also a staple when creating this type of outdoor space.

Lots of Vegetation

Grass may be the classic go-to plant for suburbia, but a luxury home requires a little more effort. Unless you want to work with a gardener - or work in the garden yourself - low maintenance perennials and trees will serve your purposes well. Rows of trees are great for adding a grand appearance to any yard and a garden stuffed with vegetables can add a deliciously fresh taste to any meal.

Did this blog leave you with future plans for a backyard retreat? I hope so! If you’re still searching for your dream home to create a backyard oasis for, contact me at (403) 660-5319.