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Be Prepared Before You Move

Many people are excited about making a move. It can be an overwhelming process with lots of moving parts. It helps to be prepared. One of the things you can do is to make the appropriate contacts you will require before you purchase a property so you are not making any last minute, rush decisions that may not be well researched.

Consider finding a good real estate lawyer. You want to use a lawyer that does a lot of real estate transactions or specializes in the field. This person looks after all of the behind the scenes work with documentation and is critical to a smooth transaction.

Find out about home inspectors sooner than later. The cheapest is not necessarily the best. You want a home inspector with a good reputation and one that has some sort of background in building. You base a large part of your buying decision on the inspector's report. It is money well spent!

You want to start looking for a reputable moving service. Word of mouth is a terrific source, otherwise, consider using a service that does a lot of moves, a name you have heard before because they are active in the industry. They are often the most professional.

Don't overlook insurance coverage. Rates vary widely. You may want to research a brokerage that works with many insurance companies. Some insurance companies are owned in part or wholly by insurance companies and therefore only have that insurer's products for your use. A broker owned insurance broker is solely owned by the broker and works with many different companies in order to find the best insurance for you!

If in doubt, ask your Realtor. I know I have many contacts in all of the above industries. I only work with reputable service providers.

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray