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Buy Your Home if it Does Not Sell?!

I love to meet with people and present the services of myself and my brokerage. Sometimes I am competing with other Realtors from other companies. I don't mind. I love the competition! Frankly, I believe that myself and MaxWell City Central have a lot to bring to the table!

I was recently told by a potential client that they wanted to list with a company that would buy their home if it did not sell in 90 days. This is called an inducement. It is offered in order to get potential clients to list their properties with various Realtors and companies. At MaxWell City Central, we do not offer that option.

For people that do list with companies that offer this sort of inducement, even if their property doesn't sell, many of them do not allow the companies to buy their home. What the lay person does not know is that this type of inducement comes with a caveat that the company will buy the home, but at a far lower price than the owner is willing to accept, even below market value. I certainly would not allow that to happen to my property and I do not take part in this kind of inducement.

If it sounds too good to be true it often is too good to be true. Again, I bring a lot to the table as does MaxWell City Central. Let us serve you!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray