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Commission and Value in the Luxury Real Estate Industry

You may be surprised by the number of realtors who won’t discuss their commission over the phone. This is especially true in the luxury real estate industry. This isn’t because we feel our commission is too high or the value too low - quite the contrary. We’d rather meet with potential clients in person so that they understand the value of working with us before judging it against the cost. It’s often interesting to see how many people understand the added value in buying a more expensive house, but don’t realize the added value of hiring a more expensive real estate agent. Hopefully this blog will help explain a little better how a luxury real estate realtor benefits you.

Networking. If you’re brand new to the luxury real estate market, you may not have noticed that there are very few luxury homes listed in the MLS. If you have noticed, you may have chalked it up to the market just being very niche and small. It isn’t. Many luxury home owners simply don’t want to list on an MLS. They take their privacy very seriously, and would prefer to work with their realtor and network to find serious potential buyers without listing their home. This demographic isn’t likely to have an open house either. In order to visit these homes and even have a chance at knowing they’re available, you have to work with a luxury realtor with the right connections.

Experience. Another resource I’ll bring to your search for a dream home is experience. Some of my clients know exactly what they’re looking for; others know which features they want, but they’re a bit foggier on the rest of the details. My experience in the luxury real estate industry allows me to give suggestions and show you areas and homes you may not have considered. Because of this my clients usually end up with a more luxurious home at a better price - and that’s including commission.

Whether you decide to hire a Calgary luxury realtor or not you can still have an excellent home buying experience. It really comes down to personal preference and whether you feel confident that you can find what you’re looking for without the benefit of a realtor on your team. While the internet and MLS may turn up empty handed, a great realtor may be able to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of what you choose, I wish you luck in your luxury home search, and if you have any questions or decide you do want to work with a realtor, call me anytime at (403) 660-5319.