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Commissions and Value

Often times when chatting on the phone with a potential client I get asked, "What commission do you charge?" I make it a rule never to quote my fees over the phone. Why? It's because I believe I bring value to a client.

Let me explain further. If you were looking to purchase a two year old Honda Accord and you saw two separate print adds for a two year Honda Accord and one was $1000.00 more than the other, would you immediately buy the less expensive of the two sight unseen? Of course you wouldn't! Perhaps one is in better shape than the other. Perhaps one has a lot less kilometers than the other. You get the drift. One likely has more value than the other and after inspecting both vehicles, you may end up purchasing the more expensive of the two.

It's the same with real estate agents. We all bring something different to the table. If you immediately went with an agent solely based on an inexpensive commission, you might be getting a level of service that is comparable to what you are paying. My point is that you should look at what the agent brings to the table; what is the value?! I think I, along with my brokerage, MaxWell City Central, provide tremendous value to our clients! I think you're worth it and after an inspection you'll see I'm worth it too!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray