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Cost Per Square Foot

People often ask about the cost per square foot when they purchase a home or want to build a home.  I dislike the term ``cost per square foot``.  It is such a loaded term and I believe it is a catch phrase for people to use when discussing real estate, but it really isn`t that relevant.  Let me explain.

It`s like buying a car by the pound.  You have a Mercedes and a Nissan.  The two vehicles may weigh the same, but one costs way more than the other.  Obviously this is because of what`s inside the Mercedes.  If you`ve ever driven a Mercedes and a Nissan, you will notice a difference in the quality of the vehicles.  Don`t get me wrong, they are both terrific vehicles, but the cost does set them apart.

This is the same when purchasing or building a home.  A 2500 square foot home can cost you $150 per square foot to build or purchase or $350 per square foot.  It depends upon what kind of workmanship and materials are inside the home and where they are situated. 

I hope this brings clarity to this term.  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray