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Do You Replace Your Roof with a High Grade, Long Life Material?

If you are a long time home owner the chances are that you have had to replace your roof at sometime or another.  It can sometimes be challenging to decide what type of roofing to use.  Is is worthwhile purchasing a long life roofing material given the cost? 
Naturally you want a product that has a good appearance, good performance, and a warranty.  Before you replace the roof, decide how long you plan to live in the home.  Is the cost versus the benefit worthwhile?  If you plan on selling your home, will the added cost to replace your roof with a high grade, long life material be reflected in the sale price?  Depending on the expense of the roofing material you may not see a full return on your dollar.  Finally, is the warranty transferable should you sell your home?  Check the fine print!

Hopefully you can keep the elements out of your home and maintain the dollars in your pocket.  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray