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Do Your Due Diligence!

Recently some of my wife's relatives were at a get together when her aunt and uncle started going off on how Realtors are so crooked.  Now I wasn't there, but it did make it's way back to me.  Now I'm a classy guy so I haven't said anything to them.  By the way, he works in the car business!

OK, I think I just made my point.  All industries have people in them that may not be as good as they should be.  Believe it or not all doctors are not great.  The same is true with dentists, carpenters, mechanics and the list continues.  You never hear about the good root canals, only the bad ones even though roughly 95% of root canals are successful.  All you hear about is how bad it is to have a root canal. 

All industries have a few bad apples that give their industry a bad name.  I am proud to report that the majority of Realtors I have dealt with are very professional and have your best interests at heart!  Whatever type of service you are looking for you have to do your due diligence to find the best fit for you.  This applies to doctors, dentists, carpenters, mechanics, and yes even Realtors and car dealers!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray