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Features Outside of Your Home

There is always a lot of competition when it comes to selling your home.  Of course you want to make it look it's best so it shows well.  Part of the selling process involves stating your home's features.  Yes, you want to include the granite counter tops, the park-like backyard with large private deck, so on and so forth.  Don't forget to sell your neighborhood and your home's position in that neighborhood.

Perhaps you have a terrific view out your living room window.  Maybe there is a school very close by or a park with a great playground.  These can be great features to a family with small children.  Maybe you are close to shopping.  These are all features outside of your home that help to market and sell your home!

So when you and your Realtor list your home's features.  Think outside of the box, or at least outside of the walls and property line of your home!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray