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First Time Homebuyers: Why use a Real Estate Agent?

In the world of the internet, many first-time homebuyers are feeling as empowered as ever. Many questions can be researched and answered with a well worded search and a click. It can lead homebuyers to wonder why they need a real estate agent at all.

First Time Homebuyers: Why use a Real Estate Agent? - Patrick Murray - Real Estate Agent Calgary

Expert Insight

One of the best things about working with an real estate agent is the expertise they bring to your search. An experienced agent is going to know which areas of the city should be avoided and where the best school are located. Buying your first home can be overwhelming. Even with the magnitude of information available, it’s difficult to know everything you’ll want to know and to remember everything you need to remember. The expert insight of a Calgary real estate agent can make all the difference between buying an okay house and buying your dream home.

A Knowledgeable Guide

 Because of the overwhelming amount of knowledge, it can be useful to have someone you know is on your side. Your real estate agent is legally bound to be honest and help guide you to make the best decision for you. Having a guide during the homebuying process is exceptionally useful -- especially for the first time buyer. After all, the easiest way to balance out your inexperience is to rely on the knowledge of someone who’s helped hundreds of other Calgarians find their perfect home.

Whether you’re buying your first home or your twentieth, a real estate agent is going to benefit you. We can help identify problems in a home and request repairs on your behalf. We’ll also be able to track down open houses and unlisted homes. For a first time homebuyer however, a real estate agent is more than just a luxury -- we’re a necessity. Call me today at (403) 660-5319 to discuss buying your first property in Calgary.