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How Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws Affects Communication with your Realtor

Canada’s anti-spam laws have been in effect for almost six months! These laws were created to prevent Canadians from receiving spam -- basically the electronic form of junk mail. However, it doesn’t just affect your inbox, the laws also protects against unsolicited communication via text and social media. But what about the times you do want a business -- or your realtor -- to contact you? How will the new Anti-Spam Laws affect your communication then?

How Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws Affects Communication with your Realtor - Patrick Murray - Luxury Real Estate Calgary

Prior Consent

is the only real change on the consumer’s end of this law. If you’re hoping to receive an email from a realtor you met the other day or want them to forward you information, you’ll have to give them both your email address and your consent. Consent can be verbal, written, or electronic (often in the form of a checkbox). For veterans of the real estate market, you may find that some of your real estate contacts haven’t been sending you their regular news letter. Be sure to give them your consent if you want to continue receiving it.

Forwarding a Message 

If you’re enquiring about information on a property or services with the intention of passing them on, keep in mind that the Anti-Spam laws might affect you. While Canadians are free to forward business opportunities and promotional emails to friends and family without prior consent, you can’t forward messages to business acquaintances without it. If you aren’t sure of the relationship, just ask if you can forward the information on. It’s just polite to have everyone involved in the know anyways.


is an important tool in Canada’s fight against spam. Basically, as a consumer you always have the right to retract your consent and put a stop to all electronic interactions. Sometimes this will be as easy as emailing a real person and asking them to quit emailing you, often it means finding the tiny unsubscribe button on an e-newsletter.

The anti-spam laws do a lot of good. They’re a great tool to help protect Canadians and prevent phishing and other undesirable emails. However, they can make it a little tricky for realtors and other business-people to reach out and begin an electronic conversation. If you haven’t heard back from a realtor you’re connected with or if you’re looking to inquire about someone’s service, your best bet might just be to give them a call or send the first email. And of course, feel free to call or text me anytime at (403) 660-5319 to discuss buying or selling property in Calgary.