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How Is Your Home Security System?

I believe that everybody with a house should have a home security system.  They provide peace of mind, deter thieves, and give you a break on your home insurance.  If you've had your system for awhile, it may be time to upgrade.

The latest home security systems give you a great deal more in terms of cost, flexibility and convenience.  They are much more effective at providing peace of mind.  The latest plans allow for an array of wireless cameras and alarm systems that will notify you by smartphone at various levels of urgency depending upon pre-determined security protocol.  You can even be notified when a family member arrives home safe as well as being able to monitor and manipulate utilities such as lighting, heating and air conditioning all through your smartphone. 

If it's been awhile since you chatted with your security company, it may be time to do so and improve your system.  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray