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How Is Your Home’s Air Quality?

How is your home's air quality?  I know this sounds like a silly question and the immediate response might be that it is fine, but is it really. 

The two most common household toxins are carbon monoxide and radon.  Both are colorless and odourless and can be very dangerous to you and your family.  Not all homes are at risk for radon, it depends on soil conditions within a neighborhood and occurs naturally, seeping through foundation cracks.  Carbon monoxide is a risk in any home using combustion such as a natural gas furnace or fireplace.  Your home should have a carbon monoxide alarm.  If you have an alarm system, the monitoring company can likely add such a detector to your system.  If not, you can pick an alarm up at many home improvement stores and simply plug it into an electrical outlet.  The same is true for a radon gas alarms. 

Be proactive and protect yourself and your family.  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray