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How Sharp Is Your Realtor?

How sharp is your Realtor?  Does he or she seem truly interested in your needs?  Does your Realtor admit when they don't know a piece of information?  Do they do research to find out the answer for you?  Does your Realtor seem unconcerned about your concerns?  Is your Realtor perhaps a little too relaxed, bridging on being unprofessional?  Do they merely agree with everything you say?

These are some things you want to consider when choosing a Realtor.  You want to be relaxed and have a good working relationship with your Realtor, but you don't want your Realtor to merely be a warm body.  A Realtor that is overly aloof may not be very sharp when it comes to writing your real estate contract. You want your Realtor to be interested in your needs, but your Realtor needs to be a participant in pointing out both positives and negatives.  Realtors are also human.  The admission of "I don't know", as opposed to feeding you some inaccurate information that may come back to haunt you down the road, can be refreshing.  As long as said Realtor will research the correct answer for you and get back to you!

Choose your Realtor wisely.  After all, this Realtor is working for you!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray 

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