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Is Fall a Good Time to be Buying or Selling a House?

By fall, many people want to be moved in already. Because of that, many people buy and sell their homes in summer. After all, families want their kids to have time to make friends, and they want a little time to relax before the hectic school year begins. You may feel this means that the window has closed, and you missed your chance, but this is not true. Autumn may not be the busiest time to sell or buy your new dream home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good option.

Less Competition. With 40-50% of house sales being done in summer, there is simply less competition in the fall market. This means buyers and sellers can take their time waiting for a better offer and that prices may be more affordable. While this means your home may not benefit from bloated prices, it also means that the houses you’re looking at buying are less expensive. Combining this with buying a home other people may steer away from such as a previous grow-op, and you may be able to afford a home in a neighbourhood you never dreamed of!

More Flexible Sellers. In the summer, it’s very difficult to get the house you want at the price you want. With everyone buzzing around trying to buy right now, you may find you have to make a split decision. Back during the housing boom, people were even forgoing their inspections just to get a house RIGHT NOW. The calmer fall housing season may simply suit you and your needs better.

Busier Open Houses. As the heat waves finally loft away but before winter starts blowing us -20 wind chills, Calgary fall weather is actually pretty great. It’s an ideal time to catch people out for a walk or otherwise in the neighbourhood for an open house. During the dead of summer or winter, people are less likely to be casually browsing for open houses. In fall, at least while the weather is nice, the chances are better.

Buying and selling a home is a bit different with each season, but it’s also a bit different every year. There is never a the perfect time to jump into the housing market. While summer is usually the busiest time and fall more calm, the best way to know the market is to talk with an experienced realtor in your area. Are you thinking of selling your house? Contact me today at