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Is Your Deck Safe?

It's nice to see that Summer will soon be here! We've already had a taste of some great weather yet to come. Many of us spend as many daylight hours as possible on our decks. After the long Winter we've had, is your deck compromised?

Our Canadian climate can have huge temperature fluctuations not to mention moisture, wind, and, well you get the picture. Summer is on it's way so let's not dwell on the poor weather we have already endured! Nails, screws, bolts, and brackets can loosen, rust or corrode. Even pressure treated posts, beams, railings, and decking can become vulnerable to rot and can split. Soil conditions can cause decks to shift and not be as safe as they otherwise may have been. Decks don't last forever and with our climate we must be especially vigilant.

So walk around your deck. Get underneath it at the beginning of each season and inspect it to see if it is in need of repair. Perhaps this is the year you need to replace it so that you, your family and your guests remain safe! If you need a referral to a recommended decking professional, give me a call and let me refer you to someone that will do the job right!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray