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Luxury Lofts

When most people think about buying luxury property, often big is one of the first qualifiers. It makes sense, many luxury homes are large and have large estates. This is especially true for homes on acreages and outside of the city limits. But not all luxury homes are a few thousand square feet. Highly functional, luxury lofts are beginning to take a fair share of the market. These compact homes provide a great location usually in the heart of downtown, and provide many of the same features you have come to expect from larger luxury homes. But what can you really expect when you purchase a luxury loft?


Open and Spacious.

Luxury lofts use oversized windows, high ceilings, and numerous light fixtures to make the entire loft feel open and spacious. Many luxury lofts will also take advantage of skylights. Some of these apartments may be under 1000 square feet, but you’d never know without taking a tape measure to the floor! And just as many lofts are available well over 3000 square feet! Which ever size appeals to you, you can expect that the same walk in closets and large bathrooms (and ensuite!) that you expect in any luxury home will be present.

Building Materials.

Luxury materials are luxury materials. Whether you buy a sprawling manor or opt for the luxury loft, you can expect to find limestone, marble, slate, and exceptional tiles used throughout the loft. The appliances will be state of the art and your kitchen will have every tool necessary to create a gourmet dinner. Stone countertop with dual vanities in the ensuite, spacious glass showers, and a stone fireplace are all to be expected.

Luxury lofts were created to provide beautiful, open spaces in the best urban locations. While some lofts may be be under 1000 square feet, many are close to 4000. A luxury loft often offers the best combination of luxurious style while still benefiting from life in the inner city. Ready to find the perfect luxury loft for you? Contact me at Patrick Murray Luxury Homes today either online or at (403) 660-5319.