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Make Your Entry Appealing!

When you put your home up for sale you want it to make a great first impression.  You've heard of "curb appeal", but what about the first impression buyers will make when they walk into your home?  This area would be your foyer or entry.  Yes, you want good curb appeal, but you also want buyers to have a great first impression upon entering your home.

Consider cleaning up all of the clutter in the area.  You want buyers to have the feeling of space when they walk into your home.  They want to feel that there is plenty of room to greet and say farewell to their guests.  Do you really need every pair of shoes you own at the front door?  The same goes for coats and hats.  Clean up and keep it simple.  Keep your welcome mat clean and in good repair or purchase a new one.

Stand in your foyer and see what rooms you can see when you enter your home.  Likewise, these rooms need to pop.  Keep clutter out.  If the rooms need painting, then do so.  Not everybody appreciates the art piece "dogs playing poker".  Try to keep tastes neutral in order to appeal to a greater variety of buyers. 

Remember, you want buyers to want to see the rest of your home.  Make your entry appealing!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray