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Organize Your Home and Improve Your Living Space

For many of us it seems that the more space we have the more clutter we accumulate.  Using available storage space more efficiently will help you to reduce your clutter, organize your home and improve your living space.

Go through each room in your home one room at a time.  Consider starting in the kitchen for example.  This room often accumulates items that rarely, if ever, get used.  Go through each drawer and cupboard one at a time moving seldom used items away from these high traffic storage spaces.  Get rid of these items by selling them or by giving them to good will. 

After sorting all areas, think of ways to better design each storage area.  Put organizer trays in drawers, racks and bins in pantries, and pegboards in large storage closets in order to hang awkward items like large pans and lids.  Consider installing pull-out racks in your lower cabinets and vertical racks for flat items like cookie sheets.

Acquire storage systems for entrance ways, attics and closets.  If clutter is really getting in the way, consider putting shelving or cabinets on bare walls.  Not handy, don't worry.  Many home centers can refer you to professionals to install such items. 

So organize your home and improve your space.  I know it always makes me feel much more relaxed when the clutter is gone!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray