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Recently I left Sotheby's International Realty Canada and returned to MaxWell City Central.  There was not one specific reason for this move, but rather many.  The one that affects my clients the most is the commission structure.  I found that for me to make a living and pay Sotheby's their share of the commissions I had charge my clients more.  Now I can take what I have learned at Sotheby's and further apply those principles to my current real estate practice, and not charge my clients expensive fees.

My exciting news is the release of my new brand (under MaxWell City Central), Patrick Murray Luxury Homes.  This brand will allow me to take my knowledge of luxury home sales and apply it to clientele wishing to buy and sell real estate in the luxury home market.  Please know that Patrick Murray Luxury Homes services all real estate needs!  My new website may or may not be active as you read this blog.  It is and it is going through a complete overhaul.  Please also like me on facebook.  Look up my business page under Patrick Murray, MaxWell Realtor.

I look forward to servicing your real estate needs!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray