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Pre-Home Inspections

Most of the time a purchaser will require a home inspection of your property as a condition of the purchase contract to make sure there are no major issues with the home.  Have you ever heard of a pre-home inspection?  This is a home inspection done at the seller's request in order to make sure there are no major issues with the home prior to selling.  There are pros and cons to having this done.

First off, it's a great way to avoid surprises when the purchaser has their home inspection performed.  Hopefully you can rest confident that there are no major issues that will impede the sale or at least you have already looked after all major issues.  If your inspection renders an issue that is expensive to remedy, dangerous for the occupants, or is an issue for which a regulatory body such as the city has said you must remediate, then you now have what is called a material latent defect.  Purchasers have a right to know about all material latent defects for the home they wish to purchase.  If you do not remedy any of these issues, you must disclose them.  This could affect your asking price.  If you do remedy the issue, it could come at great expense.  Perhaps you do have a material latent defect with your home and you are not aware of it.  In this case no disclosures can be made because you don't know.  Hopefully a competent home inspection done by a certified professional will find any and all major issues with the home. 

A pre-home inspection can save you or cost you.  It is completely your decision as to whether you want to have a pre-home inspection.  Thanks for reading! 

By Patrick Murray