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Property Swapping

Are you planning an extended vacation?  Perhaps you will be travelling abroad and staying in one location or region for a lengthy period of time.  Where will you stay?  How much will it cost you?  What will happen with your home while you are away?  Consider property swapping.

Property swapping can be a great alternative to paying for accommodations abroad or paying for time shares.  You simply agree to stay in a person's home while they are away and they in turn will stay in your home and vacation here in Calgary or at least make Calgary their vacation home base.  You don't want to collect any money for this exchange as it could have tax implications upon you and your home.  You will want to check with your home insurance to make sure this is a viable option.  Likely, it is considered prudent by many insurers to have somebody staying in your home while you are away.

Think of who you know abroad that might want to vacation here.  If you don't know of anyone you can search the Internet for the many property swapping groups that are available.  There may be some fees involved to ensure accurate screening of individuals.

So consider having your home looked after while you are away and saving on accommodations abroad at the same time!  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray