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Relationships with Buyers

When I work with buyers I take our relationship very seriously. If you want to find a property to buy, I'm not going to simply send you a bunch of listings to view. I always recommend that you meet me face to face for an hour.

First of all, you and I have to figure out if we can work together. If you don't like me then you should likely not work with me and vice-versa. Life is too short for difficult relationships. I like to give you a little education on the buying process so you are fully informed and not left in the dark. Sometimes I can recommend service providers to you for various needs such as mortgage brokerage services, etc. I have to explain representation to you known as "Agency". Every real estate agent should be explaining agency to you. And I also go through a buyer/brokerage agreement with you which outlines in detail all of the services I will provide to you. Lastly, I want to ensure I have a clear understanding of all of the criteria in your home search in order to effectively find you compatible homes to view.

I take our relationship seriously and as a professional I want to do my very best for you! Buying a home is a large investment and you deserve the very best!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray