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Sales versus Marketing

Do you know the difference between sales and marketing?  Many people don't know the difference.  Does your Realtor know the difference?

Marketing has to do with getting the message out effectively.  You want people to know that your home is for sale.  Marketing will use mediums such as the old school print advertising all the way to the Internet. It involves pictures and videos. Marketing also has to do with how your home is perceived.  Is the presentation of the material pleasing to the eye and does it convey the right information?  Is the information reaching the target audience?  All of this has to do with marketing. 

Sales comes after the marketing.  People are in the door because of marketing, now they must be sold on the home.  A Realtor might engage sales techniques when one on one with people at an open house.  The presentation of your home influences a sale and you might even use a home stager in order to help your home sell. 

Remember the difference between marketing and sales when interviewing Realtors.  You want to know what a Realtor will do to get people into your home (marketing).  This is the most important.  The sale will follow if the marketing is effective.  You don't need a fast talking salesperson if you have good marketing. 

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray