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Sell Your Own Home!

Interested in selling your own home?  Why not?  What can go wrong?  Why pay real estate fees?  Think of all the money you're going to save!  Hmmm.... if you have to ask what can go wrong then perhaps you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.  This applies not only to real estate, but to taxes, legal representation, even family photos... you know who you are!!

Consider these questions:  Do you really know how to price your own home?  You're experienced at this discipline?  Do you have access to the appropriate data?  Are you prepared to sit face to face with a buyer and keep the personal out of it?  Are you trained in negotiation?  Are you aware of the importance of seller disclosures and the legal implications?  Do you understand all of the language in a purchase contract?  Do you understand what happens if you fail to meet all of the criteria as outlined in the purchase contract?  An unrepresented buyer thinks they too will save on real estate fees when buying your home.  Are you prepared to lower you price below those homes that do have Realtor representation?  If not, how will you justify your price?  Do you have the time, money and skill that it takes to market your home, answer call (should you get many), and show your home?  Don't you already have a day job?  Are you going to let just anybody into your home?  Have they been pre-qualified?  Do you know how to get them pre-qualified?  Do you know anything about them?  I don't meet strangers at any home.  How will you deal with strangers coming to view your home?  Are you prepared to risk your family's safety over a few thousand dollars?  Many issues in real estate occur after a deal is made.  Are you aware of all the things that can go right and and wrong?  If things go bad, do you have any recourse?  Who's to blame?

People get into trouble when they start acting in a capacity for which they are not trained and do not hold the proper credentials.  Your home is likely your most expensive asset.  Don't risk it or your family's future.  Expertise in the above matters are just a small part of the value Realtors provide.  Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray 

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    Thank you for this useful information for Sell Your Own Home. It is legally obligated to ensure any potential purchasers are aware of these restrictions which may impact their free and unencumbered use of the property. Thanks for posting all the helpful information.

    Sell Your Own Home