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The “Neighbourhood Expert”

In your neighbourhood you may have a Realtor that you perceive to be "neighbourhood expert". What makes this person the neighbourhood expert? Do they send you a lot of marketing materials? Perhaps you see their name and faces on all the bus benches in your area. Now think for a moment! Is this person's name on all of the "For Sale" signs in your neighbourhood?

A neighbourhood may turn over 40 - 80 homes in a year. On every home that sells there is usually a seller's Realtor and a buyer's Realtor. That can mean 80 - 160 Realtors may participate in that neighbourhood's sales. If you look closely, often times the neighbourhood expert may be involved in say 3, 4, 5,or 6 sales in that neighbourhood. In fact, there may be a few Realtors in that area that do the same numbers. Now imagine that the neighbourhood expert is given an opportunity to sell a property in another neighbourhood. That opportunity will be seized. Now that Realtor is operating out of their so called area of expertise.

The truth is that the so called neighbourhood expert is the Realtor that makes the most noise. It's marketing and the public goes for it: hook, line and sinker. Choose a Realtor that you feel best meets your criteria and your values. Honesty, and integrity are certainly important. How about a Realtor that returns your phone calls?! Don't be a victim of marketing. Do your homework and choose wisely for you!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray