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Three Tips to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

There’s nothing like coming home to your dream home. The luxury home business is a very exciting field to work in because you are able to unite families with their perfect home. However, not everyone can afford a luxury house. Here are some tips to make a more ordinary home feel extraordinary.

Bigger is Better.

One of the main features a luxury home has over the average suburban house is space. High ceilings and sprawling floor plans are generally a must have. You can help achieve this look in your own house by painting small trims the same colour as the wall. Large carpets where the furniture rests at least two legs on the rug will help make a room feel grander and well organized. Use large pieces of artwork as a focus point on the far wall from the door or entrance. This will help make the space feel bigger. 

Lighting is EveryThree Tips to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious - Patrick Murray Realty - Luxury Real Estate Calgarything.

Instead of relying on over hanging lights, use lamps and lighting from many different levels and origins. Make sure your windows are letting in sunshine and invest in a couple cute table lamps for the coffee table or the side tables by the couch! Long curtains that brush the floor will also make your windows feel larger. 

Open and Spacious.

Remove clutter and keep things organized. You want to create an area that feels open and spacious. Any furniture that isn’t regularly used is likely taking up valuable space. Paint the walls in bright, light colours and utilize mirrors if you don’t have much natural sunlight. When it comes to building a luxurious space quality always outweighs quantity. Instead of a half dozen cheap throw pillows, buy three high quality pillows that work together within the design of your room. Avoid cheap polyesters and choose velvets and silks.

While not everyone can live in the house of their dreams today, they can make design choices that help their homes embrace the feeling of luxury. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and I don’t want to suggest that luxurious is always better than minimalism or rustic, but if debonair high-living is the style you want to achieve, I hope these tips can help in the mean time! When you are ready to buy a luxury home, you can call me at (403) 660-5319.