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Tips for selling your Calgary home to Younger Buyers

The Calgary real estate market was scorching hot in 2013. All signs indicate that this trend will continue in 2014.  The ongoing real estate boom in Calgary and throughout Alberta is in part being fueled by migration to the region by job seekers from other parts of Canada. It’s a seller’s market these days and many newly listed homes in desirable areas are being sold in days if not hours.

Many of the people moving to Calgary and hoping to buy a home are younger than 40 and many have young families. They have different needs than middle aged buyers with older children or an empty nest. Here are some things that you can do to make your property more attractive to younger home buyers.

If you are marketing your home to young professionals or young families, have the walls painted a neutral warm grey. Pastels that you liked when you last painted your home will probably look seriously out of date to more youthful eyes. Neutral walls make it easier to imagine how modern furniture and colourful accessories will look in a room.

If you still have Reagan era almond or light green appliances, replace them with stainless steel or white. Thanks to the iPod and iPhones, white is hugely popular among young buyers. What’s the appliance that most prospective buyers will take the time to open and examine? The fridge.  If you have an old, grungy looking fridge, the $1200 you spend on a new one could actually increase the sale price of your home.

Younger buyers also like white or light coloured kitchen cabinets. If yours are dark wood but you don’t want to spend the money to have new ones installed there are several new paints available that provide excellent coverage of cabinets with very little prep work.

If you aren’t afraid to spend a bit of money and effort to make your home more appealing to young buyers, replace a bathtub/shower with a glass enclosed shower. Young buyers love a nice shower.

If you’d like more tips for selling your Calgary home for the best possible price in today’s hot real estate market, contact Patrick Murray.

By Patrick Murray