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Top 5 Ways to Show and Sell Your Home

I often run into realtors and clients who think selling a home is as easy as posting a listing on the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) and the home will sell instantly. While having a listing on MLS is a great start, there are a few key items that you, as the home seller, should consider in preparing your home for showing, and ultimately, selling!

Top 5 Elements to Consider Before Showing Your Home

1. De-Personalize
Often a difficult step, you must start thinking of your "home" as a "house" that someone else will soon be living in. Remove any personal pictures, magnets off the fridge, items that are very personal to your individual taste, etc. Simply remove any item that makes you and your home feel unique (unless it's a built-in feature, of course). By removing anything that makes this your "home," you are allowing potential buyers to begin visualizing their items, pictures and other personal items in the space, making them more likely to want to purchase their new home.

2. De-Clutter
This goes hand-in-hand with de-personalizing your home. Another way to think of this is to get a head start on packing and purging! Remove any clutter that sits out on a daily basis (i.e. magazines, pens, mail, coffee mugs, etc.), put blankets away in cupboards, clean up children (or pet) toys, and so on. Make the space as "bare" as possible so potential buyers do not feel overwhelmed when looking at your "stuff." Not only that, but again, it will allow them to visualize themselves in the space.

3. Make Repairs
If you notice something that you believe will be an impediment to selling your home, fix it! If there a door squeaks, lube the hinges. If the carpet is worn, replace it. Are you baseboards pulling away from the wall? Run a bead of caulk along the top of the baseboard and close the gap. If there is a major repair that the new owners will have to repair, you will most likely have to reduce the selling price of your home. It would be worth fixing this major repair (i.e. worn out roof shingles) to keep your asking price where you want it.

Remember: remove your emotions when going through your house and look at it with the eye of a buyer. If you were looking at the house to buy, what would you want fixed before moving in?

4. Animals
As much as you may love your animals, they could be quickly de-valuing your home. Whether your cat scratches at one corner of your carpet or your dog ran into the door too many times, leaving a dent (it happens), these are things that buyers will notice. Before showing your home to any potential buyers, make sure that all animal made "destruction" is fixed.

Additionally, if your animal is to be at the home when a showing is taking place, make sure they are in their crate and pre-warn the buyers.

5. Furniture Staging
While it is important to de-personalize your home, it is still important to make potential buyers see the space as a home, having good flow and space utilizing with furniture. If you have difficulty arranging your furniture in the best way, or are selling an already vacant house, it may be worth utilizing a home stager service. Simple do a quick Google search for home stager services in your area and you will be able to find a stager that will meet your needs.

By following these 5 basic steps, you are sure to set yourself and your house up for great showings and an optimal sale!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray