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Update Your Lighting

Lighting can play a huge part in setting the ambiance within your home.  This is especially true when you are selling. 

Take a look at the light fixtures in your home.  Are they dated?  Do they have a brass finish?  Do you have a sunshine ceiling in your kitchen?  Do you have fluorescent lighting?  These are all things that date your home.  Perhaps it's time to replace them.  When doing so try to create a little continuity between your light fixtures from room to room.  Lights that can be dimmed go a long way for creating ambiance.  You can change out your old light switches for some with dimmer switches.  Lighting can be a cost effective way of creating a huge change in your home.

Try to leave some lights on when people tour your home.  Dim the lights if it's appropriate to do so, such as at night.  Ambiance goes a long way to create warmth and comfort in your home.  Make lighting work in your favour and help sell your home!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray