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Urban or Suburban?

Whether you’ve lived in Calgary all you life or are moving to the city for the first time, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself as you get ready to buy a home. Do you want a new home or do you want to buy a house that’s already built? How much room do you need now and in the future? Do you prefer urban living or would prefer a home in the suburbs? That is the question of today’s blog.

Urban living is fantastic - especially for young professionals. Often you’re closer to work; you may even be able to walk to work! Every possible amenity - from specialty shops, to restaurants of any kind, to orthodontists - is within walking distance of an urban home. These established neighbourhoods are often nicer looking than new suburbs. The trees have matured and the architecture can be stunning. Suburban homes on the other hand often look like every other home on their block. Urban living also offers an option to live car free. In Calgary, the suburban transit is terrible in many areas. Buses don’t come often enough and are rarely on time. The c-train and urban bus routes on the other hand, are usually much more reliable. Between urban transit and walking, it’s easy to live car free in city center. The Calgary city center also offers plenty of parks and green space. Prince’s Island Park, Eau Claire Park, and Edworthy Park to name a few are only some of the parks within walking distance of downtown. Further north, Nose Hill Park is also beautiful. The urban market is also less dramatic. Very few new homes can be constructed in city centre, so these urban houses rarely see losses and often increase in value faster than a suburban home.

Calgarian suburban livings also has its benefits though - especially for homeowners with kids or who are planning on starting a family. You’ll generally get more square feet for you dollar in the suburbs. This makes it easier to buy a larger home so everyone can have a bit of extra room. You’ll also probably find that there’s a bigger front and back yard. This is great for gardening, a dog, or a trampoline. There’s also statistically less crime in the suburbs. When you are far from city centre, you don’t have to worry too much about danger when jogging in the mornings or evenings. Your middle-schooler can walk home at 3:30 without you having to worry about all the traffic or him (or her) being mugged. Suburbia also generally has better schools, parks, community centers, and sports facilities such as skating rinks, pools, and golf courses. For families, the suburbs are usually the best balance of affordability, space, and facilities. Unfortunately, they usually come with longer commutes.

Choosing a home in Calgary’s city center or suburbs takes a lot of thought about your present and future needs. Thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. If you any question or need advice on what may be the best solution to meeting your needs and lifestyle preferences, contact me at (403) 660-5319.