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What Does a Realtor Do For You?

You're selling your home.  What does a Realtor do for you?  Thanks for asking!

You need only to read last week's blog on Selling Your Own Home to understand some of the value that a Realtor provides in the sale of your home.  Consider also that many Realtors will incur a cost to market your home and that it is included in your real estate fees.  I spend anywhere from $1200 - $1500 per listing in advertising because I believe in using all of the tools in my tool box to market and sell your home.  When you're at your day job Realtors are at theirs and that means fielding calls to view your home in an effort to facilitate a sale.  Realtors don't merely work 9-5.  We separate ourselves from our families on evenings and weekends because we're out working for you.  Realtors have the experience that you don't and that means we keep you out of trouble!  We realize where our expertise begins and ends and that's why many of us have terrific people on our teams from various professions!  Mine includes a terrific lawyer, mortgage broker, home inspector, contractor, and the list goes on!  If something goes wrong we are your recourse!  I think I've just established value!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray