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What Does It Take to Sell a Home?

What does it take to sell a home? It's a three part combination that includes marketing, home presentation, and price. Marketing refers to how your home is presented to the public and whether or not it is being noticed. Presentation is generally on the home owner - is it clean and in good repair and does it generally present well. Price is deemed by what a prudent buyer would pay for a home in the given marketplace and this too is up to the home owner.

If the marketing is lacking, then the home won't sell. The same for poor presentation and too high of a price. The first two points can be controlled; marketing by the Realtor and presentation by the homeowner. Price is also controlled by the homeowner, but if the first two criteria are being met, then it absolutely comes down to price!

A Realtor would love to help you sell your home for a high price. What you and a Realtor think your home is worth is irrelevant. It is what the market will bear!

Thanks for reading!

By Patrick Murray