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Words Can Help Sell Your Home

Attracting people to your home so they will view and hopefully buy it is all about marketing.  This includes the language in the write up, on marketing materials, and used on the internet when speaking about your home.  On many occasions I have been very disappointed when reading MLS write ups.  Sometimes there is very little description about the home.  Other times the write up may seem very plain.  Pictures say a thousand words, but it is often the words that will move people to look at the pictures. 

Paul Anglin, a professor at the University of Windsor,  recently cited in an MSN Real Estate article that certain words have an impact on the general public when used within a real estate write up or description.  When the words "beautiful" or "gorgeous" are used, homes sell an average of 15% faster.  The words "move in condition" can help a home sell 12% faster.  "Landscaping" when used in a description can help a home sell 5% faster.  The words "must see" have little to no impact whatsoever.

Choose a Realtor that understands the language of selling a home.  Thanks for reading! 

By Patrick Murray