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How to Avoid Buying a Home with Major Problems

No one wants to spend $500,000 on a house they can’t live in, but unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d imagine. In Calgary, there can feel like a shortage of good homes in good neighbourhoods, and this can lead… Continue reading

Signs that it’s Time to move from Being a Renter to a Homeowner

For a long time, most Canadians followed a fairly similar route from childhood to adulthood. They were born, went to school, graduated, headed off to post-secondary or otherwise acquired job-training, found a job, got married, and bought a home. However,… Continue reading

Holiday Decorating Traditions

When it comes to decorating and getting in a holiday mood, it’s easy to envy the people that it comes easy too. During childhood, handmade wise men would take the long journey from one end of the house to the… Continue reading

Top Three Real Estate Myths that most People Believe

When it comes to real estate, home buyers and seller are becoming more savvy than ever. Unfortunately, despite the internet allowing Albertans to look up information with the click of a button, some myths seem to be sticking around. Here… Continue reading

Things that can go Wrong with Real Estate Sales

Lately, I’ve been working with Canadian home buyers who are more and more knowledgeable about the home buying process. It’s great to see more folks taking the time to learn about this major transaction, but there are a few things… Continue reading

First Time Home Buyer: Preparing for the Big Move

When you’re getting ready for the big move, it can seem like there’s a million things to do in just a few days. If you have a pet and kids, or if you are moving far from helpful friends and… Continue reading

Is Fall a Good Time to be Buying or Selling a House?

By fall, many people want to be moved in already. Because of that, many people buy and sell their homes in summer. After all, families want their kids to have time to make friends, and they want a little time… Continue reading

What is Luxury Real Estate?

luxury homes

If you are new to the concept of luxury real estate or, as it’s called in Britain, luxury property, you may be wondering what the difference is between luxury and normal real estate. After all, if you look through the… Continue reading

Top Three Things You Need to Know When Buying a Luxury Home

With the age of the Internet and Google, we live in a world where it is now easier than ever to research and look up information yourself. Through the web we can also buy everything from giant gummy bears to… Continue reading

Everything you Need to Know about Buying a House That Was a Grow Op

People may be nervous when it comes to buying a house that was a grow-op. There is a stigma to buying a home formerly used for criminal activity, so much so that these houses often sell for 15-20% less than… Continue reading

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