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Signs that it’s Time to move from Being a Renter to a Homeowner

For a long time, most Canadians followed a fairly similar route from childhood to adulthood. They were born, went to school, graduated, headed off to post-secondary or otherwise acquired job-training, found a job, got married, and bought a home. However,… Continue reading

Holiday Decorating Traditions

When it comes to decorating and getting in a holiday mood, it’s easy to envy the people that it comes easy too. During childhood, handmade wise men would take the long journey from one end of the house to the… Continue reading

Top Three Real Estate Myths that most People Believe

When it comes to real estate, home buyers and seller are becoming more savvy than ever. Unfortunately, despite the internet allowing Albertans to look up information with the click of a button, some myths seem to be sticking around. Here… Continue reading

First Time Home Buyer: Preparing for the Big Move

When you’re getting ready for the big move, it can seem like there’s a million things to do in just a few days. If you have a pet and kids, or if you are moving far from helpful friends and… Continue reading

First Time Homebuyers: Why use a Real Estate Agent?

In the world of the internet, many first-time homebuyers are feeling as empowered as ever. Many questions can be researched and answered with a well worded search and a click. It can lead homebuyers to wonder why they need a… Continue reading