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About Real Property Reports (RPRs)

You may be wondering what exactly a real property report (RPR) is. The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association defines an RPR as, “a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries.” However, it’s probably… Continue reading

Technology in Real Estate

We live in an amazing time. The internet is possibly the most brilliant tool for communication and education ever created and, while the beta is hardly impressive, we in fact live in a world that includes hoverboards. I’m not holding… Continue reading

Backyards for Your Luxury Home

You may have read my blog the other week discussing the advantages of luxury lofts. One of the best things about a luxury loft was having a luxurious retreat in an urban city centre. However, lofts and deep inner city… Continue reading

Luxury Lofts

When most people think about buying luxury property, often big is one of the first qualifiers. It makes sense, many luxury homes are large and have large estates. This is especially true for homes on acreages and outside of the… Continue reading

Commission and Value in the Luxury Real Estate Industry

You may be surprised by the number of realtors who won’t discuss their commission over the phone. This is especially true in the luxury real estate industry. This isn’t because we feel our commission is too high or the value… Continue reading