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Marketplace Uncertainty: Buying for the Right Reasons

Buying a house can feel like the next step in adulthood. Often, young couples or professionals feel driven to buy their first home and ignore the dangers of an uncertain market. Buying a home isn’t the kind of investment that… Continue reading

First Time Home Buyer: Pre-qualified vs. Pre-approved

The world of real estate may seem complicated to the first time home buyer. After all, there are many terms and steps that they simply haven’t had to take before. Even home buyers who are looking at retirement properties and… Continue reading

Deciding What to Buy

Nowadays, there are many different types of homes to choose from and there are pros and cons to Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you. To help, we've broken… Continue reading

Buyers, Trust Yourselves!

Recently I was out with some first time home buyers looking at homes. We've likely looked at about 15 homes to date. They have a price point in mind and some areas for which they would like to live. We've… Continue reading